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β€’ π’’π“‡π’Άπ“‰π’Ύπ“‰π“Šπ’Ήπ‘’ π’«π‘œπ“ˆπ“‰ β€’

If you happened to come by and see us during Market Days, you may have picked up on a few things.
No tent.
No owner.
Let’s flash back to our grand opening last October. While both of my sisters had actual pandemic babies, this little brick and mortar was mine.
Opening during a pandemic had its pros and cons. Yes, there was fear of being unsuccessful, but there was also lots of time spent at home, brainstorming and creating what you see today at 134 N Main.
My mantra since opening day?
β€œI will not get COVID!”
Followed quickly by: β€œbut-if-I-do-I-just-can’t-get-it-before-Market-Days!”
Getting the β€˜vid would be bad for business. We’d definitely need to close, and boy would that be at its MOST inconvenient before the biggest 3 days of the year for downtown businesses.
Flash forward to Wednesday.
The day before Market Days.
Cody and I wake up feeling a liiiittle different than normal.
Well folks: way.
Way positive. 😷
Way devastated. πŸ’”
Way panicked. πŸŒͺ
Why do I share this β€œwoe is me” story?
Because Hannah.
Remember that gal? Our very first and only employee who adds light and energy in a way I only dreamed was possible for hired help.
This girl is no β€œhired help”.
And on that terrifying Wednesday morning, Hannah raised the bar once again.
So if you happened to come visit Homebody on our busiest three days since opening, you were greeted and taken care of by our Hannah.
To Hannah,
Words cannot express how grateful we are for YOU. The knot was so huge in my belly when I fired off the β€œI have terrible news” text, but you never skipped a beat.
Thank you.
Thank you for helping us pivot and pivot fast.
Our sales would be moved inside, the tent would stay unassembled and you would bring my mom up to speed on using the register, restocking, and all other downtown errands.
Turns out, our β€œworst case” wasn’t so bad. I think that’s true about life sometimes.
β€œWe’ve got this together!” was the text back from Hannah that morning. Indeed we did.
Well, Hannah, I guess you’ve earned yourself β€œemployee of the month” again!

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