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π’œ 𝑔𝒾𝓇𝓁 𝒢𝒻𝓉𝑒𝓇 π“‚π“Ž π‘œπ“Œπ“ƒ 𝒽𝑒𝒢𝓇𝓉

I don’t totally remember what I was doing at twelve, but I can FOR SURE tell you I wasn’t running my own successful business. Meet Grace. A pre-teen entrepreneur who is getting after her dreams. When I met Grace, she was shopping in Homebody with her mom. I would’ve never guessed she was 12. With the way she carried herself, her eye for home decor, and her personable skills, she was wise beyond her years. I learned that Grace has been building her business for three years (yup, that’s right, she started at 9!) and has already made massive moves towards her financial and business goals. After seeing her work and learning her story, it was a no brainer that...

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Can you say π•˜π•¦π•šπ•π•₯ 𝕗𝕣𝕖𝕖 π•€π•™π• π•‘π•‘π•šπ•Ÿπ•˜?!

It was my birthday weekend and we were poking around shops in downtown Savannah. I spotted this beautiful bag, but trying to behave, I put it back. Thank goodness Cody was paying attention, because he somehow snuck back and bought it, and it was under our Christmas tree a few weeks later. Here’s what caught my eye that day. - The bags are handcrafted in Bangladesh by hundreds of mothers who receive Fair Trade-certified wages, annual profit dividends, and a retirement fund. Β  ⁃They are a Certified B Corporation, meaning they have met higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.Β  ⁃The bags are lined, making them spill resistant ⁃They are strong, able to hold over 100 pounds...

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𝔼𝕒𝕀π•₯𝕖𝕣 π”Ήπ•’π•€π•œπ•–π•₯ 𝔾𝕠𝕒𝕝𝕀!

I don’t know about you, but in our family, you’re never too old for an Easter basket! When my sisters and I find ourselves together on Easter, you can bet we come with baskets in hand! Why not?! Gifting is our love language, if you couldn’t tell. πŸ˜‰Come visit us on North Main and we will help you create some festive Easter baskets for everyone in your life!For the:🧺Cozy homebody🌿Hostess with the mostest🧺 Baker🐰Friend who needs pampering🧺Adventurer🌿Tea for two🧺Gardener🐰Babies!We also have fun options for the men! New dad, husband, Papa…we’ve got you covered.See you soon!

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π”Ήπ•π• π• π•ž & 𝔾𝕣𝕠𝕨

The earliest birthday gift I can remember receiving was a paper white growing kit from my Aunt Holly. I didn’t really know what it was, but my mom helped me plant the bulbs, explaining to me that beautiful white flowers would eventually bloom. I remember having a very hard time believing her. But sure enough, tiny sprouts started poking through! Each morning was spent racing down to that little pot, experiencing the little overnight miracle that took place. I thought it was amazing that you could grow flowers inside in the middle of the winter. It was THAT little kit which sparked my interest in flowers and gardening (thank you Aunt Holly!). The following summer, my Mom took me outside...

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𝒲𝒾𝓁𝓁 π“Žπ‘œπ“Š 𝒷𝑒 π“‚π“Ž π»π‘œπ“‚π‘’π’·π‘œπ’Ήπ“Ž?

Many don’t know this, but on my journey to becoming an entrepreneur, the biggest tug on my heart was to find a way to help other people GIVE. Now, that may sound like a strange tug, but hear me out. For years I’ve heard from friends, co-workers, etc, that gifting is a challenge. People want to be thoughtful, they want to show appreciation, but shopping and gift creating is a STRUGGLE. Enter Homebody. A little downtown shop that has done the thinking (and assembling) FOR you! Intimidated by gift baskets, cellophane and ribbons? Come see us! We will handle all that wild cellophane and send you out the door with a gift that is ready to hand right to your...

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