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Meet Michelle! The creator and owner of Birdseye Studio. It was so fun learning about Michelle and her journey to creating Birdseye.
Turns out we have a lot in common! Beyond being obsessed dog moms, female entrepreneurs, and we grew up vacationing in the same small town (so random!), we have both created artistic outlets for the things that bring us joy.
Armed with a degree from RISD, Michelle took her unique skills she mastered from working in the footwear industry to create the most gorgeous and extraordinary wall tapestries.
When Michelle first reached out, I was struck by the simple, yet intricate concept of her work. And as soon as I saw all the ways you could display florals…I was hooked.
For more inspo, head over to Michelle’s site or Instagram! You’ll want to check out how she decorates her art for the holidays, gush over her pup Winnie and just wait until you see what she created for her wedding backdrop. 😍

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