Autumn Mantel

Anyone else love decorating mantels?! 

As the main focal point in many living rooms, a mantel is the perfect place to display fun seasonal decor! Not to mention, mantel decorating is low risk, as you can usually avoid putting any holes in your wall! Don't love how it came out? Take it all down and start again! 

A few of my favorite tips to keep in mind:

  • Anchor the space with a big mirror or framed picture. Mirrors also make your room look bigger!
  • Live a little. Go for the asymmetrical look!
  • Create your own dried flower arrangement! Don't be intimidated...give it a try! These came from Joann and Target. Bonus: they provide a long-lasting, low maintenance  way to add color year after year!
  • When in doubt, go for what brings you joy! Some fun family photos, a wood framed sign with your favorite quote, an old funky window do you! 

Having mantel FOMO? A few ledge shelves can do the trick! See below for a mantel alternative that still provides that fall-festive look! 

Happy decorating! 




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