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Coffee Cart Makeover

It's amazing what a little refresh can do for a cheap piece of furniture. I bought this coffee cart a year or two ago for less than $50 because we needed a solution for our crowded countertop. This cart now houses our Keurig, electric tea kettle, K-cups, and tea! 

The top of the cart was piece of fake wood that was bowing under the weight of the Keurig. Instead of replacing the cart, I decided to make a new top! I found an inexpensive wood piece at Lowe's that I cut to size and stained. I used waterproof Behr stain that I had left over from a past project, which is holding up nicely! 

I love the combination of open and hidden storage in this cart. I use the open storage to display cookbooks, and to keep travel coffee cups on hand! I use the hidden storage for tea and tea accessories. I found amazing tea storage containers from Joie, which I organize based on type of tea. It makes it easy to choose a decaf tea in the evening, or a caffeinated tea to get the morning started. 

Do you have pieces of furniture you don't love? It's amazing what new knobs, paint color, or finish can do for a dated piece of furniture! 

The original cart with the faux-wood top: 

This cart has the perfect sized drawer for K-cups!

I love these flowers and vases that I got at Magnolia on my trip to Waco, TX last January!

These Joie tea organizers are a life-saver! I organize them by caffeinated/decaf!

If you love loose-leaf tea, you have to try 27 Teas! Amazing, local, loose-leaf tea!

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