Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Happy Thanksgiving! 
My Mom has always said that Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday. As a kid I thought that was crazy. Thanksgiving has no Santa, no presents, and no Christmas tree!
Now as an adult I know exactly what she means. While it’s true that Thanksgiving doesn’t come with gifts, it also doesn’t have the same pressure and expectations of Christmas.
Thanksgiving in my family has always been a crazy and festive day full of lots of food and football. Like many families, we have a tradition of each sharing what we’re thankful for.
I'm so thankful for my family who has supported this Homebody journey wholeheartedly, and for our Homebody crew that has become a second family! We are wishing you and your family a cozy and tasty Thanksgiving!
PS, one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is my sister Becka's famous "Pilgrim Paninis" which we enjoy for lunch the day after Thanksgiving. These paninis are little turkey sliders served on leftover rolls with cranberry sauce, mashed potato, and gravy....YUM!

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