Winter Wreath Tutorial

Making your own wreath is so much easier than you think! Learning to make wreaths has been on my bucket list for a while, and it will definitely be a new tradition! There is so much room for creativity in what greens and add-ons you choose. When choosing your greens and accessories, think about where you plan to hang your wreath. I have a dark green front door, so I wanted to create a wreath that had colors other than green to make it stand out!

Here's what you need to get started:

  • Wire Wreath Frame (I used 18" frames but choose whatever size you like! I found these for just a few dollars at Michael's)
  • Variety of greens and berries (I used Cedar, Magnolia, Holly, and Seeded Eucalyptus for the first wreath, and Pine, Juniper, Cedar, and Eucalyptus for the second wreath. These can be foraged or picked up at your local florist or garden store!)
  • Accessories (optional!): Dried citrus, cinnamon sticks, twine, ribbon, bells, etc! A hot glue gun is a great way to secure some of the accessories.
  • Spool of Floral Wire (24 gauge or similar)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Garden Trimmers

Collect all your greens and supplies!

Start by trimming your greens into small pieces and organizing them into piles. This will make it so much easier to create your bunches!

Start the wreath by anchoring the wire. Wrap the wire around the frame 6-8 times. We aren't going to cut the wire until the very end, so leave the spool attached after it is wrapped around the frame!

Next, gather a small bunch of greens, organizing the larger/longer pieces in the back of the bunch and the smaller pieces in the front.
We don't want the bunches to be too big, or we won't have a hole in the center of the wreath!

Holding the first bunch flat against the frame, wire the base of the bunch to the wreath frame. Wrap tightly several times around the base of the bunch. 

Repeat the process with additional bundles. Don't cut the wire between bundles, just run it from one bundle to the next! 

Each time we wire a new bunch, we will switch between pointing the bunch:

  1. Out (away from center)
  2. In (toward center)
  3. Straight (like the first bunch)

Keep Going!!!

When we get to the end of the wreath, we will finish it off by using one or two mini bundles to fill the final small space. 

Cut the wire, leaving 8-10 inches left attached to the frame. Use the remaining wire to create a loop by folding the wire and wrapping it around the outermost edge of the frame.


At this point, the wreath can be complete, or we can add some additional goodies! 

I used a hot glue gun to add some dried oranges! 


This same process can be used with all different greens, berries, and accessories!! 

I accessorized this one with adorable little bells!

Happy Wreath-Making!

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